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Announcing the Showt Toolkit for digital publishers worldwide, increasing advertising revenue, and making news, entertainment and sports stories more interactive, immersive, and fun. 

Showt -- the world’s Instant Global Voting platform, where the voice of the people is heard whenever they Showt Yes or No about nearly anyone or anything, 24 hours a day, across 65 languages.

People can Showt for many things, including entertainers, athletes, politicians, issues, products, companies and organizations, TV shows and movies.

ShowtCounts are aggregated and displayed on a national and global basis, and are available in perpetuity.

ShowtCounts will make news and be reported by the media. ShowtCounts are aggregated across all publishers and digital platforms, so your readers’ voices will be heard all over the world.

A key feature of Showt is the ShowtBack, which gives Showtees a forum to give their side of the story, separately for Yes and No Showts.

Showt can run on any digital platform.

Publishers can create their widgets in eight sizes, and insert them anywhere in their site:

  • Big Square - 300x300 pixels

  • Medium Square - 290x290 pixels

  • Small Square - 250x250 pixels

  • Large Rectangle - 300x600 pixels

  • Big Rectangle - 336x280 pixels

  • Medium Rectangle - 290x250 pixels

  • Small Rectangle - 300x250 pixels

  • Fluid Layout (inside DFP only)

Readers who Showt are shown:

  • ShowtCount that can be broken out separately for the country of origin of the Showt and from the entire world

  • Yes or No ShowtBack, response by the Showtee (or the Showtee’s social media staff)

  • ShowtAd (from the publisher’s ad inventory) -- if the DFP-tagged ad unit is included by the publisher


Publishers can insert as many Showtees as they wish into the ShowtBox


Once you have been approved, sign into your Showt account

First, select the Showtees featured in the story you want to include in the ShowtBox.

Select any of the 65 languages.

Choose whether or not to use reCAPTCHA.

Then simply copy the widget code and paste it into your site.

Your content is now interactive, immersive, and fun.

Publishers have the option to display an advertisement. Revenue is shared, 70% to the publisher and 30% to Showt.

The Showt Toolkit is free, and sign up is quick and easy.

Give your readers the chance to be heard and counted globally.

Please fill out our online form to find out more, or to sign up.


For more information about how to engage your audiences with Showt and use our ShowtCounts to build traffic, stickiness and loyalty, email us at or click on the button below to send us your details.



Q: Why should a publisher use Showt, instead of simply inserting their own poll?

A: Standard online polls run independently by individual publishers only capture the input from that publication’s readership whereas Showt aggregates results across all participating publishers and countries. In this way, Showt allows people all over the world to express their opinions and be heard.

Q: What is the unique proposition that Showt offers?

A: The Showt platform is a near real-time, 24/7 view of public opinion that empowers everyone to express themselves as often as they like, and have their views be heard and counted.

Q: Do Showters have to register with Showt to participate?

A: No.

Q: Does the publisher have to include an Ad Unit Showt widgets?

A: No, inclusion of the ad unit is optional at the discretion of the publisher. Showt Limited reserves the right to promote download of Showt apps through the widget.

Q: How does Showt prevent people from Showting more than once?

A: Showt actively encourages people to express themselves, and allows multiple Showts. Showt is a near real-time platform for public expression of sentiment, not a traditional one vote per person platform. If someone is a fervent supporter or opponent of one of the Showtees they can Showt multiple times -- either repeating their Showt or switching from a Yes to a No, or vice versa -- as often as every sixty minutes. Repeated Showting becomes a reflection of the strength of their feeling and it also recognizes that their sentiment might change from one day to the next. Showt gives the Showter the flexibility to adjust to the public statements, disclosures, news stories about or actions of Showtees.

Q: How does Showt prevent gaming of the voting process?

A: Showt makes a CAPTCHA technology available and other means to prevent gaming and constantly works to ensure our systems are protected.  For security reasons we do not disclose the methods and practices that we apply.

Q: How is Showting different from a traditional poll conducted by professional polling companies that reach out to a few thousand respondents chosen at random?

A: Traditional polls and surveys sample a small portion of the public to arrive at a snapshot of opinion. Because of their expense, such polls and surveys are done infrequently. Showt allows all the people of the world a chance to participate at any time to express their view on anyone or anything, anywhere on a minute-by-minute basis. This provides a much richer source of data about changes in sentiment.

Q: Why is Showt superior to the online polls that are presented intermittently by publishers?

A: Online polls are never coordinated between publishers so their results are not aggregated. Showt provides a unique, continuous, global, 24/7, aggregated measure of sentiment towards its Showtees.

Q: What is a ShowtBack and who writes them?

A: A ShowtBack is a message created by a Showtee (for example, a politician or entertainer, or their communications staff) that is delivered to the Showter immediately after they Showt. Showtees may prepare separate ShowtBacks for Yes and No and update them as they wish.

Q: Will ShowtBacks change over time?

A: Showtees are encouraged to refresh their ShowtBacks frequently.

Q: What type of data is collected via the widgets?

A: Please refer to our privacy and cookies policy.



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Publishers all over the world have used Showt Widgets

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“The two-way interaction enabled by Showt in TellyChakkar stories has created a new way to engage with our readers.

Readers get a chance to immediately voice their support and participate in the content. 8% conversion is outstanding.

We’re very happy with what Showt has brought to TellyChakkar.”

Anil Wanvari, Publisher & Founder,

IndianTelevision Dot Com Group